About Us

Hi there!
My name is Sophia and I am the creative behind Querida & Co. Growing up as a first generation Mexican-American, I learned the importance of staying connected to my family who lived south of the border. In order to stay in touch, my family would write lots and LOTS of letters. In Spanish, "querida" has many meanings, but in my family it was most commonly used like the word "dear" in the introduction of a letter. This is how the name of my business came to be.
The inspiration for Querida & Co. came from all the incredible women in my life. Friends, family, teachers, mentors--you name it. I've been blessed enough to be surrounded by inspiring and strong women my entire life. From a young age they taught me the importance of self-esteem and confidence. I struggled for many years to gain my own, but throughout the process I learned that different things helped boost my confidence while others didn't. Accessories were something that always made me feel beautiful. This is why in the fourth grade I began to make and sell headbands, bracelets, and hair bows. In my late teens, I grew a fascination with statement earrings. Many of my friends and family began to ask where I bought them and since not all of the stores I purchased at are accessible to everyone, I decided to start my own business.
My goal is to make others feel as special and loved as I did growing up, this is why I intend to make Querida & Co. accessible to as many people as possible.
I make and sell a  variety of earrings in different styles and colors at affordable prices without sacrificing quality for quantity.
Hope you have fun shopping with us and that your order makes you smile!
- w/ love,
Sophia :)