Policies & FAQ


The size, color, design and chain length may slightly vary between each pair of earrings due the fact that everything is carefully handmade. No two pairs are exactly alike.

Slight edits are made to our photos to create a cohesive look throughout our branding, but we do try to stay as close to the actual colors as possible.

Returns, Refunds, Cancellations and Exchanges:

Unfortunately, we are unable to process returns, refunds, cancellations and exchanges at the moment. If an item is damaged or your order is incorrect, email queridaandco@gmail.com ASAP so we can make sure you are helped with any order/issues!




What should I do to prevent my earrings from tarnishing?

Because the earring hooks are costume grade jewelry, it is very important that you store them away from water, light, and humidity when they are not being worn. Over time, the plating may tarnish due to use. If you begin to notice slight discoloration on the hardware, I recommend wiping down the earring hooks with a soft cloth. Additionally, I suggest being cautious with the activities you choose to do when wearing the earrings in the Pompones and Arco Iris collections as they are made of a variety of fibers and could fall apart if not cared for properly. Avoid tugging or pulling at these and they should be fine :) If you have any comments, questions or concerns, feel free to reach out via email or Instagram DM!